Furreal - BIG 250 Gram Hanks

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Pure luxury at 2 stitches per inch, this faux fur yarn creates soft, rich-looking projects that are quick to work-up and garner big compliments. One skein is enough for most accessories and also can be used to make several pompoms.

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester.

Yardage: Approximately 27 yards in each BIG 8.81/250 gram hank.

Knitting Gauge: Approximately 1.5-1.25 Stitches to an inch on US size 17 needles (12.75mm).

Crochet Gauge: Approximately 1.25-1 Single crochet on US 0 hook (16mm).

Care: Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.

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  1. KFI Collection Furreal - Siberian Sable (Color #06) - BIG 250 GRAM HANKS!

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