Lanaloft Super Sale

60-75% Off Super Sale! Under this sale you will find three Lanaloft weights, including bulky, sport and worsted.

Lanaloft is a single-ply 100% wool with a great natural texture; it knits, crochets and felts beautifully. Under this sale you will find Lanaloft in three weights: bulky sport and worsted. Lanaloft in all weights can be used for accessories, warm garments and felting projects. This is a U.S. sourced and spun 100% wool that is similar to Lamb's Pride but without the mohair fiber component.

We have Lanaloft available in hanks, skeins and on cones. Lanaloft Worsted is available in 100 gram skeins with 160 yards of yarn. Bulky weight Lanaloft comes in big 200 gram hanks with 160 yards of quick to work up yarn. And finally, Lanaloft Sport is available in 50 gram skeins with 145 yards of yarn.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these skeins - not all - are off-color shades and therefore being sold as seconds. The yarn is first quality and there is nothing wrong with the skeins. Simply put, the colors were not exactly as planned and therefore, these skeins are being sold as seconds.

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