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In the late nineteenth century, a plague forced a large number of farmers to abandon the cultivation of cotton, but Fermin Tangüis developed a new variety of cottonseed of thick long staple, easy to spin and dye, and with such hydrophilicity that led to a fabric of outstanding quality. The uniform long staple Tangϋis cotton outstands for its whiteness, strength and softness. This one of a kind cotton is highly absorbent and can retain 24 to 27 times its own weight. Clothes made from Tangüis cotton are breathable as it rapidly absorbs and releases perspiration.

EYB Nurture is soft, nubby textured yarn made of the finest Peruvian Tanguis Cotton. It is excellent for both adult and baby garments and accessories. Nurture comes in BIG 100 gram hanks with 219 yards of yarn and can be used for knitting and crochet projects for adults and kids. Wears comfortably next to skin and can be used for baby layette pieces as it is easy to care and soft and smooth. A great yarn at a fantastic price point made in Peru.

Fiber Content: 100% Peruvian Tanguis Cotton.

Yardage: Approximately 219 yards of yarn in each 100 gram skein.

Knitting Gauge: 5.25-6 stitches to an inch on US size 5-7 (3.75-4.5) needles.

Crochet Gauge: 3-4.25 sc to an inch on size F5-7 hook.

Weight: DK.

Care: Machine washable on cold. Lay flat to dry.

Made in Peru.

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