Feza Alp Naturals

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A wonderful blend of fibers and textures, Alp is hand crafted and hand-dyed by skeining together natural fiber yarns together, which works up with gorgeous effect showcasing the different fibers of the yarn; made of cotton, viscose and silk. Ideal for one skeins projects such as cowls, Feza Alp Natural comes with beautiful free patterns of garments, shawls and even hobo-bags (free patterns available at Feza Yarns' website).

Please note as with all of the Feza Alp yarns, Alp Natural is random lengths of hand-tied yarns and therefore will have hand-tied knots at transition points. This labor intensive yarn works up with beautiful fiber-transition stripes. Alp Naturals comes in big 100+ gram skeins with 203 yards of natural fiber blend yarn.

Fiber Content: 40% Cotton, 40% Viscose, 10% Linen and 10% Silk.

Yardage: 203 Yards in each 110 gram skein.

Gauge: 5 Stitches to an Inch on U.S. size 6 needles.

Weight: Novelty DK-Worsted.

Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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