Feza Spaghetti

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PLEASE NOTE: While we try to take a photo of each color line because Spaghetti is made with repurposed fiber, each skein will be slightly unique and won't match the photographed skein exactly.

Spaghetti is a fun fabric yarn made from the remnants of garment manufacturing such as t-shirts, each skein is unique and varies in weight from worsted to bulky. Spaghetti comes in big balls that range from 200-500 grams (8-18 ounces), and can be used to make quick-to-work-up totes, bags, bowls, throws, rugs, place mats and many other home decor items.

Fiber Content: 100% Undetermined recycled fibers. Textile by-products.

Yardage: Yardage varies depending on the weight of the skein.

Knitting Gauge: Varies with skein and project being planned.

Crochet Gauge: Varies with skein and project being planned.

Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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