Fleece Artist Anni

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Fleece Artist Anni is the same yarn as Schaefer Yarn's Anne. As some of you may already know Schaefer Yarn owners retired a while back and when this happened the nice folks at Fleece Artist found and purchased the remaining undyed yarn base for Anne, an absolute favorite among sock and lace knitters.

Fleece Artist Anni is a light fingering weight yarn that can be used for light garments and accessories as well as socks.  It is long wearing, durable and simply beautiful as this fiber combination drinks the dye and presents hand-dyed color in rich saturated hues.  Anni comes in 100 gram hanks with approximately 546 yards of yarn, which makes it an ideal yarn for one skein projects while two skeins can be used to make a small-medium sized garment in most cases.  If you have never worked with this yarn try some, you will not be sorry and if you have, you know how great it is especially in these gorgeous Fleece Artist color lines.

Fiber Content: 60% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Mohair, 15% Nylon.

Yardage: 546 yards of yarn in each 115 gram hank.

Gauge: Approximately 8-9 stitches to an inch on U.S. size 1 needles.

Weight: Light Fingering

Care: Handwash and dry flat.

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