Gedifra Giotto Molto Grande

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A very soft and smooth 100% virgin wool yarn, Gedifra Giotto Molto Grande is an incredibly light, tape-like roving yarn. It comes in BIG 200 gram cakes with enough yardage for a hat or a cowl in each skein.

During the Basolan process wool is treated to produce smooth and soft fiber, which enables the fibers take the dye deeply and maintain its rich hues in the long term. The Basolan process also enhances the whiteness, and brightness of the wool as well as the bulk, and provides for a natural and very soft feel. Finally, this process also creates yarn that generally has better resistance to pilling. Giotto Molto Grande can be used to make amazingly soft, airy, yet warm garments and accessories.

Fiber Content: 100% Virgin Wool Basolan.

Yardage: Approximately 66 yards of yarn in each BIG 200 gram skein.

Weight: Jumbo.

Care: Hand wash gently in cool water. Lay flat to dry.

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