Habu Fine Merino Lace

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Extremely soft and fine merino Habu Fine Merino Lace can be used for many different projects in 1 strands, 2 strands, 3 strands or more together. The color selection is huge and the yardage is huge! You can combine any of those together yourself and create your own color. 1 to 2 cones will make a scarf.

Fiber Content: 100% fine merino wool - soft and smooth next to skin

Yardage: 747 yards for each 1 ounce (approx. 28 grams)

Gauge: Lace weight

Suggested needle size for knitting: US no. 1-3.

Suggested epi for weaving: 30-40.

Care: Hand wash

Extremely soft and fine merino. Great as warp and weft weaving yarn.

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