Gedifra Lana Mia One 4 Two Sock Yarn

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Lana Mia is a new and innovative fingering weight yarn available in 100 gram cakes with 425+ yards of yarn and it is often used for socks. Lana Mia One4Two says it all in the name, one ball of yarn for two socks. Now you can easily make the perfectly matched pair of socks. With the easy to recognize start, just wind the yarn from the ball until you get to the end of the starter and that’s where you begin to knit your first sock. For the second sock just wind the yarn off again until you reach the same starting point and voilà, two matching socks.

Most Lana Mia colors come with a solid color section for a different colored heel.  Just start to work the heel once you reach the solid color.  You can use any pattern or stitch amount you like, just hold up your second sock to the first one to check where to start the heel and toe and the stripes will match up perfectly. And if you choose to knit from outside of the ball, for example for toe-up knit socks, for the first sock then do the same for the second. With these few simple tips it’s as easy as one, two, three; or better yet: One, Four, Two.

PLEASE NOTE: Lana Mia One 4 Two comes in self-striping/self-patterning, Ombre and Genio versions.  Self-striping and self-patterning versions work up exactly as you would expect.  Ombre color lines work up with a very gradual color shift within the same hue through out to the whole sock/accessory you may be making with it.  Genio works up with a solid black color at the foot with single color metallic-fuzzy stripes on the cuff.

Fiber Content: 80% Merino Superwash and 20% polyamide.  Genio Line has a slightly different fiber content with 75% Merino Superwash and 25% polyamide.  Gedifra loves animals, no mulesing.

Yardage: Approximately 425+ yards of yarn in each 100 gram hank.

Gauge: Approximately 7.5-8 stitches to an inch on U.S. size 0 - 2½ needles (2-3mm).

Weight: Fingering.

Care: Machine washable.

Made in Italy.

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