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In this sale category you will find beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn lines including Manos Alegria, Lanagrossa Meilenweit and Malabrigo.  

Lanagrossa Meilenweit

Meilenweit Merino Hand-Dyed is a limited edition yarn from Lana Grossa. It is a sumptuous blend of soft and springy merino, and a bit of polyamide for added strength. The beautiful colors create eye-catching and unique shawls, cowls, socks, hats and other accessories, as well as lightweight tops or baby items. 

Fiber Content: 80% Merino, and 20% Polyamide.

Yardage: Approximately 459 yards in each 100 gram skein.

Knitting Gauge: Approximately 7 stitches to an inch on U.S. size 1½ - 2½ needles (2.5 - 3mm).

Weight: Fingering.

Care: Machine wash warm with gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.


Malabrigo Sock

A very soft fingering weight superwash merino, Malabrigo Sock is hand-dyed in beautiful color lines and can be used for light garments and accessories as well as socks.

As with all hand-dyed yarns each skein looks slightly different than the other. Accordingly, skeins shipped will not look exactly like the skeins photographed.

Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Merino.

Gauge: 8 Stitches to an inch on U.S. size 1 - 3 needles.

Yardage: Approximately 440 yards per 3.5 ounce hanks (one hank is sufficient for most socks).

Care: Machine washable - we would recommend hand washing for longevity and better wear.


Manos Alegria

Alegría means "joy" in Spanish, and that's just what this hand-painted yarn is, a true color celebration! Easy-care with a rich, cushy hand, Alegria is perfect for socks, baby gear, or fun accessories. Alegria is a fingering weight superwash merino blend yarn that comes in 100 gram skeins with generous 445 yards of yarn.

Fiber Content: 75% Superwash merino and 25% Polyamide. Super soft and squishy.

Yardage: 445 yards in each 100 gram hank (one hank is sufficient for a pair of sock for most sizes)

Gauge: 7-7.5 Stitches to an inch on U.S. size 1-3 needles (2.25-3 mm)

Care: Machine washable.

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