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Lopi purchases totaling of $75 or more ship free. Total for Lopi yarn purchases can be any of the yarn lines from the Lopi brand including Plötulopi, Lite Lopi (Léttlopi), Álafosslopi and Einband.

Plötulopi is unspun wool (pencil roving) and is traditionally used to make authentic Icelandic Lopi sweaters. It is fragile and needs to be handled delicately.

Plötulopi is mostly knitted using two or three strands, resulting in garments that are exceptionally light and airy. Plötulopi is surprisingly strong once knitted thanks to the unique characteristics of Icelandic wool.

GENTLY wind the required number of strands of Plötulopi together or knit straight from the plates. A single strand of Plötulopi is very delicate. It can be strengthened by twisting it lightly or by knitting it with one strand of Einband. Plötulopi is great for felting, hand spinning and many other things.

Fiber Content: 100% new wool

Put up: 100 gram cakes.

Gauge: Manufacturer says: Suggested needle sizes depends on how many strands are used. Gauge depends on needle size.

Care: Hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry. Plötulopi felts if you look at it too hard. Truth.

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