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Plötulopi is an unspun wool yarn (similar to pencil roving), and it is traditionally used to make authentic Icelandic Lopi sweaters. It is fragile and needs to be handled delicately.  Plötulopi is often used while holding two or three strands together, resulting in garments that are exceptionally light and airy.  Plötulopi is surprisingly strong once knitted or crocheted thanks to the unique characteristics of Icelandic wool. 

A single strand of Plötulopi is delicate because the yarn is unspun but don't let this discourage you.  Unwind your Plötulopi cake gently without tugging and wet splice/felt two ends if for some reason your Plötulopi breaks.  Plötulopi can also be strengthened by twisting it lightly or by knitting/crocheting it with one strand of Einband.  This yarn is great for felting, hand spinning, and making light-wearing yet very warm garments.

Fiber Content: 100% Icelandic Wool (made in Iceland)

Yardage: 325 yards in each 100 gram cake.

Gauge: Gauge varies based on the number of strands being used.

Weight: Worsted.

Care: Hand wash.

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